the beginning;

Are you crafty?
Do you like to draw, paint, sew, bead, felt, print, write, crochet, color,
cut & paste, or even make macaroni necklaces?

The Jacksonville Church of Craft is about to be your new second, third, or even fourth home.

we are a collective of crafters that like to get together and just craft– we are not a class. we are not specific. we aren’t all working on the same thing. we don’t judge. the goal is to have a bunch of like-minded handmakers get together to enourage, inspire, support, and help each other.

we will have two monthly meetings, monthly craft supply swaps, and tons of awesome fun!

if you are still confused, check out the website that started it all- the Church of Craft website. this is the Jacksonville chapter- after two meetings, we will be official! for that to happen, we need your help- in the form of your attendance!

the date of our first meeting will be announced in the next few days. stay tuned!

in the meantime, you can follow us on twitter (@jaxcraft) check us out on facebook (link to the right) or email Caitie ( with any and all questions.

stay awesome!


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